solar battery price 20ah 40ah 75ah 100ah 120ah 150ah 200ah list

solar battery price 20ah 40ah 75ah 100ah 120ah 150ah 200ah list 

solar battery price 20ah 40ah 75ah 100ah 120ah 150ah 200ah list
solar battery price 20ah 40ah 75ah 100ah 120ah 150ah 200ah list 

 Exide Solar Battery Price List

            Capacity Model 
                   Price (Rs) 
Exide Solar Battery 20 AH 
                      3,100 - 4000
Exide Solar Battery 40 AH  
                      4,100 - 5000
Exide Solar Battery 60 AH   
                      5,900 - 7000
Exide Solar Battery 75 AH      
                      6,800 - 7800
Exide Solar Battery 100 AH
                      8,300 - 9300
Exide Solar Battery 120 AH   
                      9,200 - 10200
Exide Solar Battery 150 AH   
                    11,900 - 12900
Exide Solar Battery 200 AH 
                    13,200 - 14200
Exide Solar Battery 300 AH
                    18,000 -19000

Luminous  Solar Battery Price List

            Capacity Model 
                    Price (Rs) 
Luminous sunlight based Battery 20 AH 
                    2,800 - 3800
Luminous sunlight based Battery 40 AH 
                    3,700 - 4700
Luminous sunlight based Battery 75 AH 
                    6,000 - 7000
Luminous sunlight based Battery 100 AH
                    7,800 - 8800
Luminous sunlight based Battery 120 AH
                    8,900 - 9900
Luminous sunlight based Battery 150 AH 
                  11,800 - 12800
Luminous sunlight based Battery 200 AH          
                  12,900 - 13900


Patanjali Solar Battery Price List 

              Capacity Model 
                    Price (Rs) 
Patanjali Solar Battery 40 AH
                      4,200 - 5200
Patanjali Solar Battery 75 AH   
                      6,900 - 7900
Patanjali Solar Battery 100 AH    
                      8,400 - 9400
Patanjali Solar Battery 150 AH
                    11,900 - 12900
Patanjali Solar Battery 160 AH     
                    12,100 - 13100
Patanjali Solar Battery 200 AH
                    13,300 - 14300

Su-kam Solar Battery Price List 

       Capacity Model 
               Price (Rs)
Sukam Solar Battery 20 AH
                    2,700 - 3700
Sukam Solar Battery 40 AH   
                    3,600 - 4600
Sukam Solar Battery 75 AH
                    5,900 - 6900
Sukam Solar Battery 80 AH 
                    6,300 - 7300
Sukam Solar Battery 100 AH       
                    7,800 - 8800
Sukam Solar Battery 120 AH
                    8,700 - 9700
Sukam Solar Battery 150 AH
                    11,750 - 12750
Sukam Solar Battery 200 AH    
                    12,750 - 13750

What is a Wet Cell Battery A battery is a tool that produces electrical energy by the use of chemical reactions. There are two sorts of batteries: moist cell and dry mobile. A soaked cell battery operates by the use of a liquid electrolyte solution, although inside of a dry cell battery the answer is in the form of the paste. Some moist cells are usually recharged, while others are only superior for a shorter timeframe. Eventually, nevertheless, all these kinds of batteries turn into unusable and possess to get replaced. Different Types There is a selection of different types of wet cell batteries, 

categorized as "Main" or "secondary." A Major battery can be utilized only right up until its substances are fatigued and can't react with each other anymore. In contrast to this, a secondary battery could be recharged by properly reversing the inner chemical course of action utilized to a delivery charge. Composition of Some Batteries Most automobiles use a wet cell battery. The lead-acid battery, usually present in these kinds of vehicles, is really a secondary battery that contains lead, lead oxide, plates, and a liquid electrolyte solution containing 65% h2o and 35% sulfuric acid. 

Some of the plates are anodes hooked up to the negative terminal, while the Many others are cathodes attached to the positive terminal. How It really works Every time a load is hooked up into the terminal with the damp mobile battery, a chemical response amongst the direct, direct oxide and electrolyte answer occurs. As a result of the reaction, electricity flows with the terminals for the load, and sulfuric acid is removed from the solution and bonded to your plates. In the event the battery is recharged by passing reversed current via it, the bonds among the plates and the sulfuric acid are broken along with the sulfuric acid returns for the liquid Resolution, allowing it to deliver extra electricity. 

Long-Term Use and Replacement Right after prolonged use, a moist cell battery can no longer deliver ample electricity to the load attached to it. This occurs since, after a while, the material while in the constructive plates flakes off in the course of the normal enlargement and contraction with the discharging and charging cycles. As the fabric flakes off, the plates develop into scaled-down along with the flakes type sediment on the bottom in the battery that sooner or later can make the plates small out and kill the battery absolutely. 

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